First Post

ocean.pngSo here I am, creating my first blog post and it feels weird getting to grips with the fact I chose to share with people what goes on in my brain. It’s pretty cool that the thoughts that I have in my head can be manifested through me clicking away on my keys that show up to you as text on your screen.

Anyway, I will enjoy this journey of letting people know what goes on in my head about the world. I believe I will learn a lot through being able to look at the history of blog posts that will emerge on my page in the future. I also hope that my perspectives on things may allow you to open and dive deeper into the depths of your minds that ‘they’ don’t want you to see.

God bless you all.



7 thoughts on “First Post

  1. You’re amazing. Can’t wait for everything that’s coming! You’re a superstar x #worldchangers. This right here is the Genesis baby!


      1. Lets GOD help you in your journey!!!
        I am waiting for your perspectives on things to open and dive deeper into the depths of my mind!
        What is on your mind? 🙂


  2. I love the picture!!!
    Reading through your post, I am pretty sure that you’ve got lots of ideas to share. Congratulation on this first, the most difficult step!
    What’s bothering you? What are you thinking about the world?


    1. Amen. Without God nothing is possible.
      Thank you, although I thought it was fairly easy, kind of in the spur of the moment without thinking about it too deeply 🙂
      I have a large variety of opinions on all sorts of different topics that the world needs to start thinking about, so the aim is to allow people to start conversations about all the idea’s I present and hopefully help me learn in the process.

      God bless

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