Idols in the Media


We have suffocated our lives with the presence of people that hold a lot of power and influence which have a wide audience. With a lot of power, comes a lot of responsibility that a large amount of these people do not wish to take. Whether the influence may be coming from a politician, musician or a reality T.V. personality, the fact is we will get influenced by it in one way or another.

On our social media feeds, we see the vast majority of famous celebrities preaching the same sort of ideas that follow the narrative of excessive self-indulgence and not selflessness. We see the appropriation of the use of drugs, promiscuity, over-priced clothes that does not portray a life that will lead to inner happiness. These messages promote the corruption of our society with a drive in life that is based on the human ego. I have no right to judge anyone to what lifestyle that they live, but I think that focusing on ourselves rather than empowering each other to live a life in moderation is the reason why our society gets slowly more disharmonized.

As human beings, I think that we have the innate sense of belonging to something that makes us feel like we have an identity. I think we do this through conformity, which can be a double-edged sword. Conformity is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. On one hand it can bring us closer to people, for example liking the same music, clothing etc. It can also be a bad thing, I think that those who feel insecure with themselves may start conforming to ideas and people to the point that their opinions are no longer their own. They then become opinions of others that they have seen on memes and twitter statuses.

In our society, many of us have been idolizing these negative influences because they are in our faces 24/7. We debate about what Kardashian is the prettiest over the fact that the top 1% of society has the world’s resources and essentially ‘own’ us. We have been distracted by all of these flashy things and we have given a lot of what these ‘idols’ demand – attention. Attention towards the wrong way of living; the fast life.


My opinions are not final and I know nothing compared to the grand scheme of life. So I’m more than happy to start conversations and speak about all of these ideas and hopefully you may teach me something also.


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God bless you.



7 thoughts on “Idols in the Media

  1. This can be called in two words: herd behavior, which is the tendency for individuals to mimic the actions (rational or irrational) of a larger group. Correct observation Boris! What can we do to resist our instinct to conform?


    1. I learn about this in my psychology class, it was very interesting. I suggest we constantly remind ourselves what our core beliefs are constantly, to avoid living a lifestyle of contradiction


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