Change Starts with Ourselves


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein

I see reality in two ways. Internal reality that is subjective to us, and external reality, that will affect the way we perceive things internally. I believe successful positive change always starts from your internal reality.

We have such a large amount of external social pressures. These things are not the problem; the problem is that these external factors, create stress and insecurities internally.

The question is, what is insecurity? “Insecurity is uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence” – shout out Wikipedia.

So why are we insecure? It could be down to the pressure of getting good grades, a big income, the latest car, communicating with people, physical appearance and general achievements that come with practice and consistency.

The problem with insecurity is that it causes us to stagnate in life and doesn’t bring us any closer to our goals. Insecurity is a mental barrier that doesn’t allow us to break out of our comfort zone and pursue what we truly desire. Insecurity makes us believe that we are not good enough to pursue something.

The theme of confidence and self-belief is regularly thrown around, I see tweets, YouTube videos and funnily enough blog posts addressing the same ideas. Millions of people across the world are viewing these things and are deeply longing for this type of content.

Insecurity essentially is lack of self-confidence, by the definition. Everything worth having is not easy to obtain, but practice makes perfect. Make the steps to develop self-confidence and your life will start to flourish.

The most important thing about achieving self-confidence is making things happen. I encourage you to write a plan of all the things you want to accomplish within this year. Make a daily, weekly, monthly plan, breaking it down like this, will make you see exactly what you have to do in order to achieve what you desire.

When you are able to to see what need to do, and what you have done, it inspires a sense of fulfillment. It also makes you feel proud of yourself and builds your self-esteem in the process. When you make a plan for yourself you make life have a meaning. Whilst following a plan for a goal, overcomming that barriers that may present themselves will prove to yourself that you can do achieve anything. That is true confidence.

Put an emphasis on controlling your thoughts. See when you doubt yourself and consciously change the negative thoughts in to positive ones. Over time, you will not even have to think about it, as it becomes automatic.

There is a certain amount of control we can have over external circumstances that may hinder our development.

Social circles are ones that we can control. If the people in your group of friends are constantly talking negative things about other people, trust me, you don’t need them in your life. How are you meant to change and become positive, if the people you associate yourself with bring you down? I encourage you to find like-minded people or aim to inspire those around you, and elevate eachother to achieve success.

Just like the previous article on Gratitude, shifting our perception to a greateful one will help us see the beauty on life. Shifting our focus to controlling our thoughts to positive ones will inspire confidence.


Thank you for reading.


My opinions are not final and I know nothing compared to the grand scheme of life. So I’m more than happy to start conversations and speak about all of these ideas and hopefully you may teach me something also.

I’ll also post every 5-7 days, so follow me to keep updated 🙂

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God bless you.




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