The Power of Organisation



I am writing this on the 5th of April which means but one thing. Exam season. This dreaded time is also the reason I have postponed writing on this blog as frequently as I wish to. During this time I have questioned if staying in University was the right choice and if I should be doing something else. Thankfully, I believe that everything worth having is hard to obtain. As a result of my trials and tribulations, I have discovered the magic of coping through this stressful time – The power of organisation.

I believe that when we are organised, we are able to take control of our lives. We all know the feeling of stress when we have postponed something till the very last minute. It’s a feeling that makes us feel as if we have failed, not because we are incapable; but because we have no optimised our time to prevent stress.

As I grow older, I find myself being slapped in the face with more and more responsibilities that I would not be ready if I didn’t organise myself. Responsibility is something that we can’t escape whether we chose to face it or not. Whether it may be deadlines from school or work, sleeping enough, our diets and regular exercise. Loss of control from our responsibilities can spiral us in to a state of guilt and other negative feelings.

Time is the only thing we truly posses, time determines our future and putting time to efficient use will give us the results that we desire. We live in a world where we can easily get distracted by everything: Taking a 5 minute break can turn in to a hour long session of scrolling through twitter; watching 1 more episode can easily turn in to staying up till 3am and missing out on hours worth of sleep.

I have recently made a timetable for myself which consists of my sleep/wake times, lecture/seminar times and training times. Seeing how my time is spent and how much time I have left has made me see what I’m going to get out of my life as a result. I highly recommend downloading the countdown+ app as you can see exactly how much time, down to the minute you have left till deadlines.

Doing all of these things have allowed me to feel like I’m on top of everything and like I have control over my life. I think that this is because I’m aware of everything that is happening and I can make conscious decision on how and who I invest my time to.

I wish you a productive exam season and may your potential be manifested through organising yourself!


Thank You For Reading




My opinions are not final and I know nothing compared to the grand scheme of life. So I’m more than happy to start conversations and speak about all of these ideas and hopefully you may teach me something also.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Organisation

  1. Time management is a key to success! Once we have identified ways in which we can improve it, we can begin to adjust our routines and patterns of behaviour to reduce any time-related stress in our lives.
    I wish you good luck on exams !


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