the blog is born again


Wonderful people of the world, I am officially back.

I began writing this blog because there are a lot of issues in this world that need to be addressed & confronted. The purpose was to open a dialogue for the things we frequently ignore & just accept as a part of life.

There is a deep yearning inside of me that wants to encourage people to dig deeper & to go against the grain of the hedonistic society that we live in. I thought that the answer would be to simply solve everything by doing mental acrobatics & using my own understanding of life. I quickly realized that would not work out.

I began to receive a conviction in my heart that I need a holistic view of life, an unbiased view. I understood that my own answer to life would not suffice in a world that is so infinitely vast, with innumerable intricacies that would blow anybody’s mind. I would be a fool to say I have the answers.

In my quest to quench the thirsting of my soul, I arrived at the revelation that it must be God that has all the answers. I had heard about God my whole life & believed in Him, although I had no idea how to get close to Him. Nor did I want to because I hadn’t ‘lived my life yet’, which was weird because He gave it to me in the first place lool.

Long story short, I have witnessed the God of the Bible be true. I have witnessed His tremendous love for us all. He has transformed my life & following Jesus was the best decision I’ve ever taken in my life (I will probably write about my testimony one day). I advocate anyone I speak with to cultivate a relationship with Him.

The direction of this blog will now be a transparent, practical & understandable guide of the Christian life. Whether you are in the faith or not, it’s available to anybody that wants to know more.

Thank you for reading this post.

Hope to see you soon,

Boris Djouari


Message me on any of the following if you would like to further the discussion:

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2 thoughts on “the blog is born again

  1. Hey Boris! It was great meeting you at DT. Thanks for sharing your blog with me, it’s been interesting looking at your perspective on things. Keep it up, and I pray you continue to let God lead you, God Bless x


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